Ladakh Tourist Tour Package

7 Days
  • Private Vehicles
  • 5 Star Hotels
  • Easy to Moderate
  • 2-15


Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements.

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  • Leh
  • Nubra Valley
  • Turtuk
  • Pangong Tso


Day 2 :

Exploring Leh : Monsatries, Shai Mosque, Leh Market

Next we'll be heading towards Nubra Valley for a nights stay.

Exploring the border area of Turtuk

Exploring the Majestic Pangong Lake

After a nights stay at Pangong, we will be heading back to Leh.

Day 7 :

Departure From Leh


The Cost Includes

  • Transportation: This includes the cost of flights, train tickets, bus fares, or any other mode of transportation you plan to use to reach your destination and move around during your trip.
  • Accommodation: The cost of accommodation depends on the type of lodging you choose, such as hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, or camping. Prices can vary greatly depending on the location, quality, and amenities.
  • Meals: Food expenses can significantly impact your travel budget. Consider the cost of dining out at restaurants, street food, snacks, and groceries if you plan to cook your meals.
  • Activities and attractions: The cost of visiting tourist attractions, museums, theme parks, guided tours, or engaging in recreational activities should be considered. Some attractions may have entrance fees or require reservations.
  • Transportation within the destination: If you plan to use public transportation, taxis, or car rentals during your stay, be sure to factor in these costs.
  • Travel insurance: It's advisable to have travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage. The cost of insurance depends on various factors like the duration of your trip, your destination, and the coverage you choose.
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  • Miscellaneous expenses: Don't forget to account for miscellaneous expenses like tips, souvenirs, personal items, local transportation, and any unforeseen costs that may arise during your trip.
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The Cost Excludes

  • Travel vaccinations: If you require any specific vaccinations or medications for your trip, these costs are usually not included in the general travel expenses. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or travel clinic to determine which vaccinations or medications you may need and budget for them separately.
  • Travel gear and equipment: If you need to purchase any specialized gear or equipment for your trip, such as hiking boots, camping gear, or travel accessories, these costs are typically not included in the general travel expenses. They are considered personal purchases and should be factored into your budget accordingly.
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What is the best time to visit Leh?

The ideal time to visit a destination depends on factors like weather, peak tourist seasons, and specific events or festivals you might want to experience. Researching the climate and seasonal patterns of your chosen destination can help you determine the best time to plan your trip.

What should I pack for my trip?

Packing can be a challenge for many travelers. It’s helpful to check the weather forecast for your destination during your travel dates and pack appropriate clothing. Consider the activities you plan to engage in and pack essentials like toiletries, electronics, and travel documents (passport, visas, tickets, etc.).

How can I stay connected during my trip?

Staying connected while traveling is important for communication and accessing information. Research mobile network options, local SIM card availability, and Wi-Fi access at your destination. Consider international roaming plans, portable Wi-Fi devices, or using messaging apps that work over data or Wi-Fi connections.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

It’s crucial to be prepared for emergencies while traveling. Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers for your destination, have travel insurance that covers medical expenses and emergency evacuations, and make copies of important documents like your passport, visas, and travel itinerary.

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Ladakh Tourist Tour Package
  • Private Vehicles
  • 5 Star Hotels
  • Easy to Moderate
  • 2-15

Seasonal Trails

Every season has its own epitome of beauty especially in Kashmir you get to see the beautiful colors of nature wrapped in different seasons. We at Kashmir Trails design the packages in accordance with the characteristics of every single season. There are places that go in sync with different seasons. Thus becoming a gracious and majestic expression of welcome to the tourists.

Spiritual Trails

Spirituality is natures’ gift to the Kashmir. This place is loaded with innumerable spiritual places. In Spiritual Trails, we design the packages exclusively for people who want to rest and relax their souls, religion is no bar. This Trail is a wonderful experience of ecstasy and spirituality blended together.

Cultural Trails

Thinking of a cultural Trail means thinking of experiencing altogether a non native culture. At Kashmir Trails, cultural trails are pure combination of all forms of Kashmiri culture ranging from tasting different cuisines to dressing up like a perfect Kashmiri. This trail is full of varieties and colors of Kashmiri culture.

Corporate Trails

MICE tourism, this forms an integral part of travel industry. Business travelers are the most sophisticated people to arrange travel for. The Kashmir Trails team works vigorously for meeting the needs of business travelers in the most satisfying manner. High standards of professionalism and corporate ethics are maintained and acted upon when dealing with business clients.

Group Trails

This trail at Kashmir Trails is fully customized for people traveling in a group, be it any group of extended families or corporate group. We cater to every kind of group travelers. The itinerary is designed in such a way that suites to every individual of the group. At Kashmir Trails we handle every group’s needs personally; we handle each request with the same attention to detail and customer service that we provide for our individual clients.

Tourist Trails

This trail specifically deals with the tourists from all over the world who want to taste a little bit of every trail. Be it visiting natural spots, experiencing local culture or tasting the local cuisine. This trail is a mixture of everything included in a single package.

Food Trails

This trail is completely reserved for the Foodie, people who have avid interest in food and show keen interest in tasting different types of cuisines. We at Kashmir Trails make our clients to cheer their taste buds with different flavors and varieties of local and indigenous cuisine.

Offbeat Trails

This trail comes into picture when people want to escape to a place that they haven’t ever been to or heard of. The clients of this trail will experience a special blend of adventure & thrill. Off Beat Trails are specifically designed for allocentric tourists who are risk takers and are interested in visiting remote areas and trying new things. There is always something special in visiting the places where a rush of travelers doesn’t flock to.

Mountain Trails

This Trail belongs to the lover of mountains, height maniacs, who have no concern with the mass tourist places instead they belong to the special interest tourists. At Kashmir Trails we extensively cover the trekking areas of hills with the trained professional in order to ensure safety and security of the mountain tourists.